Yoyo’s Fun Center Powered by Funlandia

YOYO’S Fun Center, a family-run FEC brand located in Clinton Township, Michigan, has been a household name in their community. Known for providing fun-filled indoor spaces catering to toddlers and kids, they have built a reputation for fun kiddie entertainment.

Despite their success, they have faced many significant hurdles. Previous experiences with foreign suppliers left them grappling with substandard materials, low-quality equipment, and heavy repair expenses. Determined to improve their brand, they set out to find a reliable partner.

At the IAAPA Expo, they visited our booth and met our CEO, Edward Wang. Recognizing Funlandia’s reputation for quality and excellence, we started a partnership that would redefine their business.

The Funlandia Solution:

Our project managers and designers immediately got to work, meticulously addressing YOYO’S unique needs and specifications. With a focus on durability, safety, and innovation, Funlandia aimed to deliver indoor amusement equipment that would stand the test of time.

The Result:

Our collaboration featured a 900-square-meter play center equipped with a mix of modern and classic indoor play attractions. From Indoor Soft Play to thrilling Junior Warrior Courses, Trampolines, a variety of slides, Interactive Games and a special Toddler Play area, each element was crafted with precision and care, ensuring maximum fun and safety.

The colorful theme signaled a new era for YOYO’S Fun Center. Parents could now relax, knowing their children were playing in a secure and safe space. The differences between Funlandia Vs Cheap Foreign Suppliers they previously worked with are really massive. The transition from outdated equipment to Funlandia’s premium offerings not only restored YOYO’s brand image but also positioned them for long-term success.

High-Quality Assurance & Long-Term Investment Return:

Central to the partnership was Funlandia’s unwavering commitment to high quality and long-term success. Understanding their demand for exceptional quality, we ensured that every piece of equipment boasted top-notch craftsmanship and materials. Despite the higher initial investment, our designs aimed to reduce wear and tear and operational costs. By embracing our world-class products, YOYO’s can now benefit from higher ROI in the long term.


The Future:

The success story of YOYO’S Fun Center continues to unfold. In the beginning of 2024, we already started working on renovations of their 2 other existing parks. This is a testament to Funlandia’s commitment to product excellence, superior customer service, and fostering long-term relationships. As veterans in the industry, we remain dedicated to delivering the best turn-key indoor play solutions that prioritize safety, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Visit YOYO’S Fun Center to experience the transformation firsthand or follow them on Instagram for the latest updates and information.  Join us on the journey to redefine indoor entertainment, one partnership at a time.