Based on the customer’s goals of business, our designers choose the most suitable products from our library and work diligently to integrate them into a unique solution for each client: making good use of customer’s space, looking good and creating fun for the players. These considerations all serve one purpose – to maximize our customer’s revenue. Our engineers work closely with our factory to ensure the designs come to life, ready for production and installation, and fully compliant with safety and quality standards. The design and engineering processes are handled with great care by our experienced team, so the finished product will be faithful to initial designs; this means what you see is what you get.


We have six ISO-9000 certified facilities which provide over 20,000 square meters of production space, allowing us to keep all critical processes in-house and maintain strict quality standards throughout our production. We also have a well-equipped laboratory to ensure we stay innovative.Our up-to-date machinery and experienced staff maintain efficient and precise production for all processes including metal work, wood work, molding, cutting, sewing and assembly.

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Installation is a key part of making sure the finished play environment matches the initial designs and the client’s vision, which is why we have over 60 dedicated installation technicians who travel the world to install our indoor play equipment. They’re trained in the unique skills that are needed in our industry and they’re also true experts in our products. Our installation technicians are organized by a team of Project Managers who are on hand to help with any part of the process.


Our products are manufactured for a 10+ year lifecycle and come with an industry-beating 12-month globally serviced warranty. Our after-sales team inspect every installation and are there to support clients should they need any help with the equipment.



Safety always comes first at Funlandia, so we’ve become experts on international safety standards. For America, we adhere to ASTM standards, and for Europe we adhere to EN standards. Our materials and completed products are tested by TÜV and SGS laboratories, who are known for their rigorous testing processes. Quality control is ensured at every stage from R&D through to final manufacture. We also have a laboratory to scientifically test that all our materials and designs meet necessary benchmarks.