Thrill Arena

Funlandia presents its state-of-the-art attraction designed for extreme active play. Drawing inspiration from the popular TV show American Ninja Warrior, this extreme version of soft play and obstacle tower is constructed using premium materials, including rope and challenge courses, to create a high-quality look and feel that sets it apart from traditional indoor soft play structures. The result is an unparalleled play experience that is both safe and fun for active kids, teens, and adults alike.

Thrill Arena’s distinctive features enable operators to tap into the immense potential of engaging teenagers and adults, driving traffic to their indoor playground. Operators can leverage the arena’s versatility to host a wide array of activities and events specifically tailored to this age group. From competitive tournaments and team-building exercises, Thrill Arena offers boundless possibilities to create captivating experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Our modular system allows customers to customize the play arena to meet any architectural requirement. From intuitive and straightforward single-level attractions to more dynamic and complex structures featuring multiple levels and a variety of special obstacle courses and 3D mazes. The intricate design elements and bold, edgy colors stimulate players’ imaginations and create an atmosphere of pure adrenaline rush.

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The Thrill Arena introduces two distinct play styles that heighten the excitement in any indoor playground:

  1. Free Play – This mode grants players the freedom to explore the maze and enjoy the entire structure at their own pace, without any assistance. It offers a thrilling experience where participants can navigate through the obstacles and challenges independently, immersing themselves in the adventure.
  2. Competition Mode – Elevating the thrill factor, Competition Mode incorporates an Interactive Tagging system and Play Timer. This feature adds an extra layer of challenge as players compete against each other or the clock, aiming to complete the course in the fastest time or achieve specific objectives. Perfect for special events and individual or team play competitions, this mode brings out the warrior spirit in every participant


Safety is our top priority. Our designs are equipped with a range of safety features, such as soft padding, strong safety netting, and non-slip surfaces, ensuring that players can enjoy their activities with complete peace of mind. Our commitment to adhering to the ASTM and EN quality and safety standards means that everyone can trust that the structure is unequivocally safe.

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Using only high-quality materials such as steel core rope, composite wood, and premium-quality foam that are commonly used for heavy-duty outdoor playgrounds and rope courses, our play arena is built to withstand even the most enthusiastic, rugged, and extreme play. In addition, its easy-to-clean surfaces and minimal maintenance requirements ensure that it remains a durable and hassle-free attraction for years to come.

Special Upgradable Features

Funlandia also offers several special upgradable features, including an interactive tagging system, attractive decorative lighting, and a special game timer. These additional elements provide a higher level of immersive play experience by adding a sense of excitement and interactive competition to the environment.

Funlandia’s Thrill Arena is the perfect addition to any indoor playground seeking to stand out from the competition and provide a memorable play experience for all ages. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting product.