Large stand-alone products

vortex tunnel

The most immersive and mind-blowing attraction that takes you into a virtual spinning world. This tunnel is designed with a spinning illusional image that cheats your mind. The players who walk into it will start to stumbled can barely stand straight, it is wildly fun and entertaining for both the players and the viewers. There’s no denying that this attractions going to be the highlight of any modern play center.

360 bicycle

This equipment exists independently in the park, and the player can spin the bike 360 in the device by wearing the protective device, which stimulates the secretion of adrenaline. Meanwhile, our products adopt international standards, which will absolutely protect the safety of the player and attract a large number of passengers.

Giant Swing

The device is electrically controlled, giving players the sensation of swinging high in the air. As a large, independent amusement facility, it is a very prominent one in the park, bringing super visual impact and fun to visitors, while bringing extra foot traffic and revenue to the park owner.