Fantasy Forest Playground: An Enchanting Fusion of Nature and Adventure

Fantasy Forest Playground, located in Tennessee, USA, is an enchanting indoor amusement park that opened in April 2024. Designed and built in collaboration with Funlandia, it offers a unique forest-themed experience blending nature, education, entertainment, and interactive fun for families. This case study explores the detailed design and manufacturing process, highlighting the successful partnership with Funlandia.

Project Background and Vision

Fantasy Forest Playground was initially established with the vision of creating a safe and engaging indoor play space for the community in Cornersville. However, early partnerships with a small Chinese supplier led to significant issues with product quality and unreliable service, causing frequent product issues and dissatisfaction. Determined to enhance their offering, the owner sought a more dependable supplier. Christine, the owner of KidsVille found Funlandia and was impressed by our exceptional quality and comprehensive capabilities. Trusting in our services, the owner made a significant long-term investment, including purchasing land and building a new facility. This strategic decision has not only ensured a high ROI but also showcased the limitless potential of working with Funlandia. Together, we brought to life KidsVille Playground—a magical space that combines the beauty of nature with fun indoor adventure play.

Design Excellence

The design of Fantasy Forest Playground was meticulously planned to optimize every indoor space. The facility includes various play areas and functional zones that seamlessly blend natural elements with interactive play structures. Emphasizing clear circulation paths and intuitive layouts, we ensured easy movement for everyone and developed activities suited for different ages to encourage active participation and engagement.

Customized Space Design

Our design team tailored every aspect to meet the specific needs of Fantasy Forest Playground’s venue. We provided personalized layouts that flexibly accommodated the indoor space, considering unique site characteristics and stringent safety requirements. Through detailed architectural analysis and planning, we maximized every inch of the space. The play area was strategically divided into multiple game zones and functional spaces, seamlessly integrating five distinct styles of climbing towers and various passageways.

In our master plan, we focused on circulation, creating smooth play paths and easy visitor movement. This enhanced the overall play experience and encouraged more interaction and participation among children. We also designed activities of varying difficulty levels and types to cater to different age groups, ensuring everyone found enjoyable and suitable games.

Diverse Play Equipment

Fantasy Forest Playground boasts a comprehensive array of amusement equipment designed to cater to children of all ages:

Treehouse Climbing Tower Area: The centerpiece of Fantasy Forest  Playground is the “Smart Tree,” a meticulously designed treehouse climbing tower. From hand-drawn sketches to 3D renderings, this iconic feature includes a realistic tree trunk design with detailed bark textures and vibrant leaf decorations.


Inside, children can explore various climbing elements and pathways, ascending to new heights. The adventure continues with a unique snake slide that spirals down from the treehouse, offering an exhilarating ride that ends with a fun exit through the snake’s open mouth.


Net Rope Climbing Area: This area simulates navigating through a forest with a series of grid climbing structures, obstacles, and passages. It is designed to enhance children’s physical fitness and balance. The inclusion of multiple upper and lower-level pathways and tunnels adds layers of excitement and adventure, encouraging kids to test their agility and coordination.

Toddler Area: Specially designed for young children, the toddler area features soft sculptures, gentle slides, and mini climbing towers. The equipment is interconnected by platforms and passages of varying heights, creating a safe yet stimulating environment for toddlers to explore and play.


Junior Warrior Courses: These adventure courses are tailored for active children, offering various difficulty levels to challenge their coordination, balance, and adventurous spirit. Through ropes, obstacles, and diverse challenges, children engage in physical activity while having fun and developing their skills.

The park also includes additional play areas like maze zones, interactive basketball spaces, and picture book areas. These sections provide diverse play experiences that cater to different interests and age groups, promoting self-enrichment and enjoyment during playtime.

Reliable Manufacturing Process

Safety and quality are our top priorities during manufacturing. We use robust, durable materials that meet ASTM’s (North American) and EN (European) international safety standards. Soft guardrails are strategically placed to prevent falls, ensuring a well-lit and spacious layout that enhances safety and ease of play. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities include advanced test laboratories, ensuring that every product undergoes rigorous quality control checks. Our attention to detail in both design and manufacturing creates a secure environment where families can enjoy worry-free playtime.

Partnering with Funlandia

Christine, Fantasy Forest Playground’s owner is extremely glad and satisfied with the overall finish of the indoor play park. Our team did not just provide great quality products and meet her expectations, our brand of service and solutions even exceeded what she could’ve imagined. Finally, she found a competent partner that is able to realize her vision and requirements. An absolute world-class experience compared with what she encountered from her previous unreliable supplier.

Funlandia stands as the ideal partner for companies seeking premier products and reliable service to maximize ROI. With our extensive expertise in crafting safe and captivating play solutions, we ensure that every indoor park we design embodies excellence. From initial concept through to installation and after-sales support, our unwavering commitment to exceptional service guarantees a sustainable investment with endless possibilities. Partnering with us grants access to expert guidance and world-class play equipment, crafting enchanting destinations where families can enjoy and build fun memories. Our mission to “Create Meaningful Play” for families worldwide underscores our dedication to delivering the best indoor playground experience for many years to come.