Our adventure-play product lines, include more than 20 series and hundreds of play equipments, providing a fun and adrenaline-driving experience to kids of all ages and their parents!

Our children-play product lines, include more than 20 series and over 300 play equipments, offering a rich selection of products that suits the needs for any children-play business, from large FEC, to small play area.


Why choose Funlandia

We are a leading manufacturer of indoor play equipment who put a lot of passion into what we manufacture. Having started from 2007, we have since grown to over 300 employees and have become one of the largest companies in the industry, servicing over 2,000 projects worldwide. We boost the most extensive product lines in the industry, and our range is versatile enough to suit the needs of all ages, areas, and settings.

We build our indoor playgrounds according to North American and European safety and quality standards. From raw materials to the entire playground, Funlandia has passed the most stringent safety certification tests in the world.

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