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We are a leading manufacturer of indoor play equipment who, despite being grown-ups, haven’t lost our sense of adventure, so we put a lot of passion into what we manufacture. Starting small in 2007 with the goal to make some of the best indoor playground equipment on the market, we have since grown to over 300 employees and have become one of the largest companies in the industry. Our headquarters are in China, but our play equipment has been installed in over 2,000 projects worldwide.

product lines

Boosting the most extensive product lines in the industry, we now have over 20 product series composed of over 300 individual pieces of equipment. Our range is versatile enough to suit the needs of all ages, from toddlers to grown-ups, in settings from small indoor areas to huge amusement parks. This means our clients have multiple options to choose from, creating an endless possibility of happiness for the players.

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after-sales service

With wide product lines and an in-house team of experienced staff, we can offer a turn-key service with support at every stage – from design and engineering to production and installation. A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to assist each of our clients from the moment they get in touch, during the installation of the products, and throughout its entire lifecycle. We take pride in having the best after-sales service in the industry.

our motto

We operate by our motto, “creating meaningful play for families,” so every project we make is more than just about excitement. It’s about creating an experience where all ages can get physical and social development as they play, essentially reliving their childhood.

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