Climbing Wall


Funlandia has a wide collection of climbing walls that not only differ in themes and styles but also have a variety of materials professionally designed to create a unique and thrilling climbing experience. Both the harness and auto-belay device that comes with our climbing walls is manufactured in Europe and the United States. Each wall is carefully crafted with a high level of creativity and is produced in compliance with the ASTM and EN safety standards and is also tested by world-renowned laboratory TUV Germany.

Funlandia’s Adventure Rock Climbing series uses unconventional and creative materials such as stainless-steel balls, tires, oil drums, grids, and more, to create a unique play experience and different difficulty levels. Our designers can also integrate lighting elements, sound effects, and realistically themed composite rock slabs to bring a new level of thrill and challenge. Each level of difficulty of our walls is professionally designed and engineered to meet the needs of young and casual rock climbers.