Super Runio at DEAL 2024: A Game-Changer in Indoor Play

From March 5-7, the halls of the Dubai World Trade Centre were alive with anticipation as Funlandia showcased its groundbreaking creation at DEAL 2024. This Middle Eastern event, drawing the industry’s elite from across the globe, provided the perfect platform for the unveiling of Super Runio, the original and first-of-its-kind indoor adventure wall challenge game pioneered by Funlandia.

Super Runio stole the spotlight, captivating visitors with its immersive challenges and exhilarating gameplay. Everyone wanted to experience the excitement firsthand. Children and adults alike were mesmerized by the innovation and creativity behind Super Runio, experiencing a level of adventure and challenge never before seen in indoor entertainment.

Owners, investors, and operators from various leisure industries, including theme parks, FECs, trampoline parks, and amusement centers, witnessed Super Runio’s potential to revolutionize the indoor play experience. Funlandia’s commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences was evident in every aspect of Super Runio’s design, mechanism, and overall play value.

Super Runio underwent extensive research and development, ensuring a level of interactive technology that cannot be replicated or copied. Funlandia continues to push the boundaries of fun and innovation, setting new standards for unforgettable experiences.

Join us as we prepare for our next adventure, fueled by the success of Super Runio at DEAL 2024 and the unwavering support of our customers and partners around the world.

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