Experience the future of play today

Childhood is the world’s most colorful playground and it never closes.

In summer you can’t sleep, so play all day!

Bored at home? No problem because your little one wants to have a blast playing outside with you!

The Super Fun House is the perfect place if you’re looking for a little bit of fun. Slide Carnival, Interactive Ball Pool and Climbing Wall, there’s something to do here that will have everyone doubled over with laughter!

In the year 2021, Shanghai’s Super Fun House celebrates its grand opening. The project was customized by Funlandia, and it combines China’s renowned entertainment chain brand Cartoonyworld and state-of-the-art facilities for a high-quality family experience in one location. Guests will be able to enjoy many different types of fun including sports, performance and immersive interaction at this new venue with 2000 square meters of space.

Playing with creativity

The children’s play space is more playful thanks to the designers’ use of contrasting colors and materials. They added bright sea green, light rice, brown in a variety of textures and patterns for an engaging environment. This design has two parts: one part soothing open eyes that let rest spill out at once while another part joining different brightnesses together so as to create a unified rhythm throughout the area.”

In additional, in this little park, there are plenty of creative and fun things to do. You can climb up the slide or build a sand castle with blocks that have been hand-painted by your favorite TV show characters! I know it’s hard for parents not to get involved in all the action too because you’ll never find something as entertaining as watching someone else playing with their child at an amusement park.

Slide Carnival

All the kids want to go down slides. But with so many options, how do you choose? That’s where we come in! We provide a selection of over 12 different slide types for your children at our carnival-themed playground. They’ll be able to run and play until they’re exhausted without ever getting bored by too much repetition.

Interactive Ball Pool

Interactive ball pool is the latest way to get your kids off their devices and playing outdoors. Great ocean ballpool, with its entire look of gorgeous, rich projects will let you kid’s imagination run wild while they play in this super fun aquatic environment!

Rail Fly

Fly to the sky, feel free and safe! Rail Fly is here with an excellent safety protection system complete vacant breakthrough project for you. Come on adults and children alike – encourage each other to break through levels of thrilling play so that we can see what’s going on in this entire park scene!

Climbing Wall

The towering climbing wall and step-ups make you feel brave when you reach the top. Parents can challenge each other for fun with their children, sharing skills and experiences in a friendly competition against one another.

Toddler Soft Play Combo

Toddlers will love to explore Toddler Soft Play combos. With fresh and softer colors, safe and clean materials, as well as a high or low design that can fully unleash their exploratory nature!

Role Play

Role playing allows children to take their own social place and experience a different kind of “professional life.” Here you see the “little cooks” cooking with various tools, while customers sit patiently on sofas waiting for food.

Sand Pool

Sand is malleable and is one of the toys for children to develop their brain power. Transporting sand, building castles, cooking… Children can let their imagination run wild here!

Brainstorming Area

The brainstorming area is full of magic, as if giving children a golden key to open the door of wisdom! The playful design invites you in with its fun puzzles and games while it teaches you about thinking creatively. Be sure not to miss out on this place that kids love but grown-ups can enjoy too!

Donut Slide

It’s a race to the bottom! The hottest item on the net – air cushion simulation skiing. This game is for anyone who wants some fun and it doesn’t matter if you’re not into sports or just don’t have time. Play along here too, sit on that ski mat from top of slide, enjoy excitement of speed as your skis take off at an angle while sliding down hill with gravity pulling you downward towards inevitable victory (or defeat!)


The children have to dodge the ball and throw it into their own hoop within a time limit. This can train both reaction skills as well as other motor abilities such as agility, balance, and coordination in order to win!

Design Team

Funlandia’s design team specializes in interior design projects. Their designs are simple and delicate, they pay extreme attention to the source of inspiration for their projects, and the overall design is compact and exciting. Years of experience has given them a comfortable groove when designing that allows not only every creative process be one with discovering beautiful things but having fun as well!