Benefits Of Indoor Playground To Your Business

When visiting a mall, a restaurant, a hotel, or even a clinic, you often see a playground filled with kids’ indoor play equipment that keeps children engaged for hours. This keeps them preoccupied while the adults attend to their order of business. Not only can it make your establishment more child-friendly, but it can also boost the number of guests visiting your business, hence, resulting in an increase in income. If you haven’t yet optimized your business and incorporated an indoor playground into it, this might be the right time to do so and partner with the best indoor playground manufacturer out there. A multitude of benefits arises by having an indoor kids play area incorporated into your establishment.


Having an indoor playground in your business offers parents a chance to patronize your business, and it gives the kids a chance to safely exercise, have an enjoyable play experience, and improve social skills all the while being closely supervised by a professional and trained staff. It’s just like hitting two birds with one stone, which may translate to sales. By making the visit more pleasant, parents are more likely to stay longer and spend more in your establishment. Having this kind of edge has been proven to attract more and more families and keep them coming back to your business. As consumers have now been shifting to experiential attractions, an indoor playground in your establishment from the right indoor playground manufacturer will surely take your business on top of the game.

Other than attracting new customers and keeping old customers coming back, incorporating an indoor playground in your establishment will set your business apart from competitors. Whether you have a hotel, a clinic, a gym, a restaurant, a mall, or almost anything else, you can outsmart your competitors by catering to busy families. Which again, translates to brand loyalty and an increase in revenue.

Furthermore, aside from the services you offer in your business, you will also be giving out a positive image among young parents. This is important because a market study done by the marketing department at Funlandia shows that Millennials and Gen Z will represent the key consumer target of businesses in the coming years to come.

Lastly, an indoor play area in your business can help with the overall health of not only the children playing but everyone in your establishment, as well. This is especially important for the food industry. An emphasis on healthy living has been increasing over the years and many businesses are following that trend. An indoor play center promotes children to be healthy and active and can help your business’s bottom line. It lets children have fun, form social connections, and create better habits for themselves — which all translates to good public relations for your business.



Choosing the right indoor playground manufacturer


Since it has been established that an indoor playground benefits a business in many ways, the hard part now comes in choosing the best indoor playground supplier that is right for your top-tier standard. Several indoor play manufacturers claim that they are the best in the market. However, one Chinese indoor playground manufacturer incredibly stands out among the rest. 

Priding over the manufacturing and design skills of the company, Funlandia’s Indoor Playground beams rich choices of themes and innovative designs. Indoor play themes range from Aviation, Construction, Circus, Jurassic Park, and many others, you name it and Funlandia can do it. All the products – from the Adventure Line to the Children Line – are compliant with the latest US and EU safety standards. The products also have a 10+ year lifecycle that comes with an industry-beating 12-month globally serviced warranty. Funlandia has now set an industry benchmark for indoor play products. 

With cutting-edge technology, Funlandia offers the most versatile and imaginative indoor play structures packed with innovative upgrades. To make children’s play experience more memorable and to make your play center stand out, Funlandia has integrated many interactive features and AR technologies in the playground, also making it an edutainment facility for children. The company has serviced over 2,000 great projects worldwide and continues to be a global standard-bearer in the industry.


Some Precautions


When choosing if an indoor playground for kids is the right idea for your business, you should consider a few important things.

When kids are excited, they get loud. This may increase the noise level in your business, which can dissuade customers from entering. To best counteract this, noise guards should be put in place — like enclosing the space that the playground is in or soundproofing. This is why it is best to talk to a Funlandia Business Development Manager in order to be guided in all steps of the journey – from design conception, manufacturing, and installation, to after-sales services. 

Also, you should consider putting in place rules for your indoor playground. Taking off shoes before entering, no yelling, no climbing on equipment, and such are great for preventing accidents. Another thing to keep in mind is the maintenance of the indoor play structure. Routine cleaning should be done to prevent sickness and avoid a negative image. Checking and replacing parts to maintain the integrity of the commercial indoor playground equipment is extremely important. Luckily, Funlandia also prides itself in having the best after-sales services available to customers.


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