MIKO Dream Island

In 2023, Funlandia proudly presents the awe-inspiring grand opening of the “MIKO Dream Island,” a dopamine-infused playground spanning over 2000 meters, designed for all age groups.

MIKO Dream Island stands as a pioneering innovation in the Northeast region, with a focus on sports as its core and extreme activities as its highlight. Our mission is to create a revolutionary sports and health entertainment complex, seamlessly integrating “fashionable shopping, sports, leisure entertainment, and an outdoor theme park.”

As Funlandia, a leading indoor amusement equipment manufacturer, we are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking venture. Embark on an unforgettable journey at MIKO Dream Island, where innovation meets excitement, and adventure knows no bounds. Step into a new era of sports, health, and entertainment, uniquely blending trendy shopping, sports, leisure, and outdoor fun all in one dynamic destination.

Explore the MIKO Dream Island experience with Funlandia – your trusted partner in creating thrilling indoor amusement solutions. Welcome to the ultimate dopamine playground that redefines sports, health, and entertainment. Join us as we shape the future of leisure and recreation!

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