Cartoony stands as one of China’s premier children’s theme park chains, boasting the expansive SAFARI park, designed specifically for older kids. This park immerses visitors in a realistic African savanna-style world, blending fun and entertainment seamlessly with education – what we call “edutainment.”

Within the SAFARI park, you’ll find an array of attractions designed to ignite children’s imaginations. From the thrilling Spiral Stainless-Steel Slide, Donut Slide, and Rainbow Net to the Trampoline Park and engaging Ball Pool, there’s no shortage of excitement. Additionally, this park features a variety of Climbing Walls, Electric Soft Play, and special Net Courses, allowing kids to roam freely and safely without the need for harnesses.

Our Design Team also infused the park’s design with authentic African elements like safari animals and savannah landscapes. This unique blend provides children with an immersive and educational experience that’s both entertaining and enriching.

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