BOUNCE Homebush

Our new project-BOUNCE Homebush, the ultimate family entertainment center located on Sydney, Australia. Completed in 2023, this indoor playground boasts an array of attractions including , a Trampoline Park, Indoor Playground, Toddler soft play for kids.

The highlight of the project is Double-Layered Ninja Challenge: The challenge was set: Create a double-layered warrior challenge course that would not only be the centerpiece of the park but also a stage for thrilling competitions. Funlandia embraced this challenge, and the journey of crafting this masterpiece began.

Our team of experienced designers have created an immersive and colorful design that will transport you to a world of fun and adventure. Whether you’re bouncing on the trampolines, navigating the warrior courses, or exploring the soft play area, there’s something for everyone at BOUNCE Homebush.

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