Super Runio

Cheer Castle Hangzhou

Cheer Castle is located in Hangzhou, a large parent-child amusement park jointly created by Funlandia. It offers brand new, safe play facilities, equipped with various slides, ball pools, trampolines, role-playing activities and more, catering to children’s fantasies of indoor playgrounds. The rich colors and variety of play options provide children with ample space for imagination and immersive experiences.


Welcome to Funlandia, the ultimate destination for indoor playground and family entertainment centers. We are proud to present our latest project, the NEOBIO BE1ST Beijing, the project located in Beijing, China and completed in 2023 for our valued customers. Our designers have created a playful and fantasy-themed design that will ignite the imaginations of children while providing early education facilities. The park features various attractions, including Rope Courses, Trampoline Park, Stainless Steel Slide, Super Runio. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with your family or want to keep your little ones entertained while shopping at the mall, NEOBIO BE1ST Beijing is the perfect place to be. Contact us today to learn more about our indoor playground and family...