Stainless Steel Slide

Funlandia’s stainless steel slides are known for their durability, long service life, and customizability to meet specific customer needs. As a leading manufacturer, Funlandia has produced over 300 units of stainless steel slides in our own plant, ranging from standard slides for toddlers to designer slides for exclusive tastes and even gigantic event slides.

All of our stainless steel slides are designed and fabricated in accordance with European and American safety standards, making them safe for use in public venues and play centers. We use steel 304 (ASTM standard), which is equivalent to the German standard of 1.4301, as our standard material for production. Choose Funlandia’s stainless steel slides for a fun and safe playground experience!


Funlandia’s stainless steel slides are not only fun and safe, but also visually appealing. With a variety of shapes including box, curve, and tubular, and colorful paint and artistic patterns, we make your slides design stand out. Our popular “slide carnival” features entangled multiple slides of different types that sprawl across the play space for a wow-effect. Choose from our wide selection of designs or create a custom design with our experienced team.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel construction with transparent panorama windows or full pipes
  • Customizable design to fit your brand identity
  • Optional LED lighting effects with rings, spots, chaser lights, and sound
  • Tower and staircase options available upon request
  • Secured to steel columns supplied by Funlandia, or attached to existing pillars or buildings.
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Superior Production Capacity

  • We use engineering software such as SOLIDWORKS to simulate the motion and structure of our slides, ensuring their feasibility and reducing errors in the design process.
  • Before the steel slices are laser-welded into the slide, we conduct thorough tensile testing to ensure their quality.
  • Our dedicated production facility implements strict manufacturing management and quality control processes to guarantee the quality and safety of our slides.
  • To ensure precision and efficiency, we use high-precision and automated equipment such as laser cutting machines, computer-aided bending machines, and laser welding machines. Each stage is operated by trained professionals.
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