Cartoony SAFARI: A Unique African Jungle Adventure

Cartoony SAFARI is the newest sports exploration theme park located in Wuhan by our long-time partner, Cartoony. Covering a total of 2,500 square meters, this park brings the “African Savannah Experience” to life with indoor play adventures, combining a children’s park with a natural museum.

Our Funlandia team played a major role in this project, particularly in the massive 1,800 square meter indoor play area. Our collaboration with Cartoony has been strong for years, and we’ve worked together on several other parks, with SAFARI being one of the best.

“Edutainment” Experience

We aim to provide kids with an immersive “edutainment” experience, combining play and learning. At SAFARI Park, children can climb, explore, jump, and interact with various educational elements that teach them about African geography, culture and wildlife while they have fun.


SAFARI Park is divided into several themed areas, named after famous landscapes and iconic themes of Africa, including the Great Rift Valley, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Sahara Desert, Masai Mara Grassland, the Great Migration of Animals, and African Tribes. The overall design direction are crafted to be engaging, exciting, educational, fun, and safe.


Exciting Features

  • Net Course:Combined with special rope elements, this course let kids climb and explore freely without the need for protective harnesses. It’s safe yet challenging, providing a thrilling adventure for young explorers.

  • Climbing Area: The park features an impressive African Climbing Walland Step-Up Plum Pile. Designed with safety in mind, these areas allow children to test their skills and overcome the fear of heights in a very secure and safe environment.

  • Spiral Slide– Another highlight is the seven-meter-high Spiral Stainless-Steel Slide that starts from three levels up, offering a speedy and exciting descent. Using advance engineering, we ensured that the playability is perfect, safe and kid-friendly

  • Devil’s Slide:This slide is nearly 90 degrees steep, offering an exhilarating experience and giving kids a taste of the geographic magnificence of the Great Rift Valley.


Immersive Design

The park uses realistic animal models, prints and vibrant colors to recreate the African Savannah, the Sahara Desert, and other famous landscapes. The immersive design is full of African cultural visuals, graphics, and overall design. Visitors will feel like they are being taken into a different world of a wild Savannah adventure.

Open and Interconnected Design

The park is designed with multiple connected play paths, ensuring that children of different ages can enjoy a variety of activities. This multi-path approach prioritizes safety and allows for continuous play, minimizing waiting times and running costs.


Premium Safety

Cartoony SAFARI meets the highest Australian Safety Standards for trampolines, climbing walls, and warrior challenges. From AS 4989 for trampolines to AS 2316 for climbing walls and AS 4685 for warrior courses, we provide a full safety guarantee, ensuring that visitors can play with confidence and enjoy the park’s thrills.


Family Fun

Cartoony is dedicated to creating family entertainment centers that help parents and children bond. By interacting in the park, families can create lasting memories and strengthen their relationships. The park’s design and activities are aimed at bringing families together for both fun and learning experiences.


Growing Partnership

Our collaboration with Cartoony continues to bring new and exciting features to their parks, enhancing the overall visitor experience. This partnership has brought new energy into the development of Cartoony parks and the upgrading of their brand.


Cartoony SAFARI showcases what can be achieved when two industry leaders come together to create something special—a place where fun, safety, and learning meet, offering a unique indoor play experience and adventure for kids and the whole family. We are excited for the future of this growing partnership and the amazing projects that are yet to come!