Progress Update: Al Hokair’s Snowy at Panorama Mall

Advanced Indoor Playground Installation

Funlandia and the prestigious Al Hokair Group have joined forces to revamp the Snowy project at Panorama Mall, creating an exciting and highly anticipated indoor amusement park experience. With our expertise and their visionary approach, Snowy is undergoing a remarkable transformation to become a top-tier destination.

Behind the scenes, our dedicated Project Management Team oversees every step of the Installation process, ensuring seamless coordination and compliance with international safety standards. Through regular testing and quality assurance, we guarantee optimal performance and a memorable experience for all.

Our team of experienced installers is working closely with the local team to ensure flawless execution, adhering to the industry’s highest standards. From meticulous pre-assembly of major components in our factory to efficient installation processes, every detail is engineered with focus and care.

Safety and quality are our top priorities. We meticulously prepare the site, complying with highest international safety regulations. All play equipments and attractions are crafted, assembled and installed with passion and precision using state-of-the-art techniques.

As Snowy nears completion, we are honored to be part of its relaunch alongside Al Hokair. In just a few weeks, families will have the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary indoor adventure curated by this respected industry powerhouse. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated grand opening at Panorama Mall, where cherished memories will be made, and unforgettable experiences await!

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