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Turn-key Indoor Playground Solution

Funlandia is not just a manufacturer, we are a real turn-key indoor playground solution provider. What does it mean? it means in addition to a manufacturer’s routine of design, manufacturing, and installation, we provide two essential features that are critical to indoor playground business:

1. Total solutions

Needless to say, the indoor play equipment is the most essential part of your playground, as China’s premium manufacturer, we boast the largest selection of indoor playground equipments. All the play equipments are manufactured by ourselves so we can have a total control over the quality and leadtime.

Children’s art and craft products are an important income source for indoor playground and playcenter, Funlandia brings you the latest, most attractive, and most profitable art and craft products, and incorporate the art and craft area elegantly in the overall design of your play center.

Coin operated kiddie rides can be placed within or outside the indoor play area and become a cash cow of your business instantly. Our cute and fun rides are irresistible to the kids, and generate a high revenue at a small space.

Arcade games are great enhancement to indoor playground and will expand its appeal to bigger children, they also keep the parents busy when they are waiting for the kids. By working with China’s top manufacturers of arcade game machines, we offer you a large selection of arcade games at the best price.

From basic chair and table to specially designed furniture for holiday, Funlandia offers you a large selection of funiture that is perfect for indoor playground of any theme and style.

Hosting party is a big and highly profitable business for all indoor playground, Funlandia has a large selection of party supplies in many popular themes, for you to choose from and host the coolest parties that meet any budget of your customers.

Toys and gifts booth is another good revenue source of play centers, Funlandia helps you locate the reliable sources of best toys and gifts at amazing price, that can be either sold, or used as promotional products.

You can get from Funlandia all accessories that are required for running an indoor playground business, from products you need for ads and promotion, to playground decoration and playground signs.

2. Playground running support

As the expert in indoor playground development and designing, we have been working closely with playground owners and franchises and gained in-depth knowledge of playground business, we have our own in-house consultants that are not just experts in play equipment, but also in running a playground business. We use these knowledge and experience to support you in every step of setting up your indoor playground business, that includes: market research, site selection, staff training, marketing, and management. These support is completely free and non-obligation.