From Blocks to Bliss: Funlandia’s Journey with LEGO Discovery Center

Commencing in 2018, the collaborative journey between Funlandia and LEGO Discovery Center marks a continuous evolution, propelled by Funlandia’s steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled services for indoor playgrounds. This enduring partnership reaches new heights as Funlandia undertakes the transformative task of enhancing the LEGO Discovery Center in Shenyang, ushering in a harmonious blend of an indoor children’s playground and the iconic LEGO bricks.


Founded in 1932 and headquartered in Denmark, LEGO, a globally acclaimed toy manufacturer, boasts a 90-year history. The name “LEGO” derives from the Danish phrase “LEg GOdt,” translating to “play well.”

Past Collaborations:

In 2018, Funlandia played a pivotal role in establishing the inaugural LEGO Discovery Center in China, located in Shenyang. The partnership expanded with the opening of additional centers in Shanghai, Beijing, and other locations. Now, after a five-year hiatus, Funlandia and the LEGO Discovery Center in Shenyang reunite for an ambitious upgrade, envisioning the creation of a captivating and secure “Pirate Adventure Island.”

Design Innovation:

The collaborative efforts between Funlandia and the LEGO Discovery Center have resulted in a profound understanding. For the Shenyang store upgrade, Funlandia’s designers adeptly captured the essence of LEGO’s style, seamlessly integrating the “brick-assembling” concept with the adventurous pirate theme. Intricate details such as playful flags, decorative panels, whimsical mummy-shaped weebles, and pirate ship cannons enrich the immersive experience within this themed playground.

Enhanced Play Space:

Spanning a 300-square-meter space, the upgraded LEGO Discovery Center features a diverse range of creative activities, including slides, suspension bridge climbing frames, and brick slides. The inclusion of “mummy” weebles introduces a soft and dynamic play space, prioritizing the safety and enjoyment of every child’s exploration.

Why Funlandia?

LEGO, synonymous with excellence, upholds stringent standards for materials and safety. In the realm of indoor playgrounds, LEGO consistently selects Funlandia as its core partner. This choice not only reflects LEGO’s trust in Funlandia but also underscores Funlandia’s unwavering commitment to delivering products meeting the highest safety and quality standards.

Funlandia’s products, from materials and design to manufacturing processes, align with the European Union’s indoor playground safety standards (EN1176, GB/T27689-2011, GB/T34272-2017) and have successfully passed safety tests conducted by Germany’s TUV. In essence, Funlandia brings a safety guarantee that harmonizes seamlessly with LEGO’s cherished philosophy of “PLAYWELL” (Play Well).

Together, Funlandia and LEGO continue to create a world where play is not just fun but exceptionally well-crafted and safe. The ongoing collaboration exemplifies how innovative design and an unwavering commitment to safety can elevate the indoor play experience to new heights, ensuring a world where every child’s playtime is an extraordinary and secure adventure.