Interactive Games

Snowy Panorama

Funlandia is proud to present our latest indoor playground project, Snowy Panorama! Located in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this family entertainment center offers a winter wonderland experience all year round. Completed in 2023, Snowy Panorama features a variety of attractions for all ages, including a ball pool, trampoline park, interactive games, indoor playground, climbing wall, pretend play area, junior warrior courses, and climbing wall for kids. The design of Snowy Panorama is inspired by nature, with colorful and playful elements that create an immersive and experiential atmosphere. Whether you’re staying at the hotel or just visiting for the day, Snowy Panorama promises to provide endless hours of fun for the whole family. As a leading supplier of indoor...

Indoor Play Punta Cana

Welcome to Funlandia, your number one supplier of top-quality indoor playground equipment. We’re proud to showcase our latest project, Punta Cana Indoor Play, located in the beautiful Dominican Republic. This family entertainment center boasts a variety of thrilling attractions including Junior Warrior Courses, Adventure Tower, Interactive Games, and an Indoor Playground for kids. Completed in 2022, Punta Cana Indoor Play features a bright and colorful design that perfectly complements the adventurous theme of the park. The fun and playful ambiance is perfect for families looking to spend quality time together while enjoying exciting activities. Whether you’re visiting as part of a hotel stay or simply stopping by for some family fun, Punta Cana Indoor Play offers something for everyone. At...

Mega Fun Kuwait

Mega Fun is an exciting family entertainment center located in Kuwait, completed in the year 2022. This indoor playground park is designed and manufactured by our company, offering a wide range of attractions to keep children entertained for hours on end. Our team has incorporated various features into the facility, including toddler soft play, ball pool, children climbing, interactive games, and even a climbing wall for kids. The playground’s design style is bright and colorful, which adds to its playful and iconic nature. We’ve also integrated the Mega Fun logo into the design, making it recognizable and memorable. With this exceptional playground, families can enjoy quality time as their children have endless fun exploring and playing within the space.

Kiztopia Singapore

Welcome to Funlandia, your trusted supplier for designing and manufacturing indoor playgrounds. We are proud to showcase our latest project, Kiztopia Singapore, completed in 2022. This family entertainment center located in the heart of Singapore offers a variety of attractions to keep kids engaged and entertained. From the toddler soft play area to the trampoline park, ball pool, interactive games, sports, and climbing wall, there is something for everyone. Our fantasy-themed and playful design creates an immersive experience for children while also incorporating storytelling elements. Whether you are visiting the shopping mall or public space, Kiztopia is the perfect destination for a day of fun-filled adventure. Choose Funlandia for your next indoor playground project!

Snowy KSA Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Snowy KSA, the ultimate family entertainment center located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! Our indoor playground boasts a variety of attractions for kids of all ages, including toddler soft play, electric soft play, ball pool, wall game, interactive games, trampoline park, and warrior challenge courses. Our immersive design and storytelling-based approach make each visit to Snowy KSA a unique adventure that your family will treasure forever. Whether you’re looking to have fun with the kids or take a break from shopping at the mall, Snowy KSA is the perfect destination for safe and exciting playtime. Come join us and experience the magic of our bright and colorful family entertainment center!


Funlandia is thrilled to have designed and manufactured TAYO PETITE PARK, an immersive and playful indoor playground located in Singapore. This early education facility and family entertainment center was completed in 2022 for our esteemed customer, TAYO. The park features a variety of attractions such as toddler soft play, ball pool, trampoline park, interactive games, indoor playground, climbing wall, and a bubble maze for kids. The fantasy-themed design creates an engaging environment for children to explore and learn through imaginative play. Our team at Funlandia takes pride in creating bespoke designs that cater to the needs of our clients, whether it be for shopping malls or stand-alone venues. Visit TAYO PETITE PARK today and experience the ultimate indoor playground adventure.
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