Electric Soft Play


ZINGERIA, nestled in one of India’s busiest malls, is the epitome of fun and adventure for visitors of all ages. In collaboration with Funlandia, we’ve crafted an unforgettable amusement park experience designed to ignite the imagination and energize every guest. From the exhilarating Trampoline Park to the safe and thrilling Slide area, and the enchanting Ball Pool filled with foam fun, there’s excitement around every corner. Teens and adults can also enjoy a variety of Electric Soft Play options for added amusement. But ZINGERIA goes beyond just entertainment – it’s a haven for safety and education too. With Funlandia’s commitment to creating enriching experiences, we ensure every visit promotes growth and strengthens family bonds. Curious to explore more case studies? Click here to see more Funlandia Creations!


Cartoony stands as one of China’s premier children’s theme park chains, boasting the expansive SAFARI park, designed specifically for older kids. This park immerses visitors in a realistic African savanna-style world, blending fun and entertainment seamlessly with education – what we call “edutainment.” Within the SAFARI park, you’ll find an array of attractions designed to ignite children’s imaginations. From the thrilling Spiral Stainless-Steel Slide, Donut Slide, and Rainbow Net to the Trampoline Park and engaging Ball Pool, there’s no shortage of excitement. Additionally, this park features a variety of Climbing Walls, Electric Soft Play, and special Net Courses, allowing kids to roam freely and safely without the need for harnesses. Our Design Team also infused the park’s design with authentic...


Welcome to Funlandia – your one-stop destination for indoor amusement equipment! 🎉 We’re thrilled to unveil our latest creation, a sensational playground crafted exclusively for the renowned indoor amusement brand, NeoBio! 🌟 But that’s not all! We’ve pulled out all the stops by teaming up with the dynamic duo, the charismatic actor and fitness guru Liu Genghong, and the talented actress and wellness expert Wang Wanfei. 🌈 They’re not just endorsers – they’re your guides to a world of fun, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every visitor! Dive into a realm of excitement, laughter, and shared moments – because at NeoBio by Funlandia, the fun never stops! 🎊 Are you ready for the next level of indoor amusement? NeoBio is...

Snowy KSA Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Snowy KSA, the ultimate family entertainment center located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! Our indoor playground boasts a variety of attractions for kids of all ages, including toddler soft play, electric soft play, ball pool, wall game, interactive games, trampoline park, and warrior challenge courses. Our immersive design and storytelling-based approach make each visit to Snowy KSA a unique adventure that your family will treasure forever. Whether you’re looking to have fun with the kids or take a break from shopping at the mall, Snowy KSA is the perfect destination for safe and exciting playtime. Come join us and experience the magic of our bright and colorful family entertainment center!

Rice Paradise

Rice Paradise is an exciting family entertainment center located in Hangzhou, China. Completed in 2022, the park offers a variety of attractions for children to enjoy, including an indoor playground, toddler soft play area, electric soft play equipment, ball pool, and pretend play activities. The park’s design style emphasizes bright and colorful elements, creating a contemporary environment that encourages imagination and creativity. Rice Paradise is the perfect destination for families looking to provide their children with a fun and educational experience in a safe and stimulating environment.
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