Climbing Wall

Bon&Cheers Fun House

Looking for an exciting family entertainment center? Funlandia’s Bon&Cheers Fun House in China is the perfect place for you! Completed in 2021, this indoor playground features a range of attractions including a ball pool, indoor playground, pretend play area, rope courses, and climbing wall for kids. Our design style incorporates bright and colorful elements with a fantasy-themed twist, making Bon&Cheers Fun House an iconic destination for families. Whether you’re shopping at the mall or looking for a fun-filled day out, come and experience the magic of Funlandia’s Bon&Cheers Fun House!

Magge Indoor Theme Park

Funlandia is proud to present Magge Indoor Theme Park, located in China and completed in 2019. This family entertainment center, located within a shopping mall, offers a wide variety of attractions for children of all ages to enjoy. From the ball pool to the indoor playground, pretend play area, rope courses, climbing wall, and biking area, there is something for everyone at Magge Indoor Theme Park. The design of the park is bright, colorful, and iconic, with elements of fantasy throughout. Children will be transported to another world as they explore this magical wonderland. Funlandia is dedicated to creating safe and exciting play spaces that encourage creativity, imagination, and physical activity. If you’re looking for an indoor playground that combines...

Beijing Action Planet

Exciting news for adventure enthusiasts! Welcome to Beijing ACTION PLANET, an epic indoor amusement park spanning over 4000 square meters, brought to you by FUNLANDIA Company! Immerse yourself in the thrill and excitement of Beijing ACTION PLANET, where adventure knows no limits! Our massive indoor amusement park offers a wide array of adrenaline-pumping attractions and activities for all ages! From high ropes courses to exhilarating rides, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! At Beijing ACTION PLANET, we prioritize safety without compromising on the excitement. Our state-of-the-art harness systems and meticulously designed structures ensure that you can have an exhilarating adventure with complete peace of mind. Get ready to unleash your inner thrill-seeker and conquer new heights! As a premier destination...
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