Ball Pool

Kiztopia HK

Kiztopia HK is a vibrant and modern Family Entertainment Center located in the bustling city of Hong Kong. Completed in 2022 by our expert team, it features an exciting array of attractions for kids of all ages to enjoy. The Warrior Challenge Courses provide a thrilling adventure for the older ones, while the Indoor Playground, Toddler soft play, Ball Pool, and Pretend Play area cater to the little ones. Our design style keywords – Colorful, Bright and colorful, and Contemporary – are reflected throughout the park, creating an immersive and visually stunning environment that’s sure to captivate and delight visitors!

Mini Star

Funlandia helps Mini star brand to create a new Amusement Park, our designers through creative planning and space integration. They combine the aesthetics of the children’s naughty castle and the sense of strength from high altitude expansion to create a unique theme park that integrates power and aesthetics. In addition, Funlandia strictly adheres to the safety standards of Europe and North America, using professional sports trampoline materials to ensure safety and sports.

Rice Paradise

Rice Paradise is an exciting family entertainment center located in Hangzhou, China. Completed in 2022, the park offers a variety of attractions for children to enjoy, including an indoor playground, toddler soft play area, electric soft play equipment, ball pool, and pretend play activities. The park’s design style emphasizes bright and colorful elements, creating a contemporary environment that encourages imagination and creativity. Rice Paradise is the perfect destination for families looking to provide their children with a fun and educational experience in a safe and stimulating environment.

Action Planet Shanghai

Introducing Action Planet, a state-of-the-art Family Entertainment Center located in Shanghai, China. Completed in 2022, this vibrant indoor playground boasts a contemporary and colorful design that captivates visitors of all ages. The park features a variety of exciting attractions, including Warrior Challenge Courses, an expansive Indoor Playground, engaging Toddler Soft Play, a thrilling Ball Pool, and imaginative Pretend Play for the littlest adventurers. Our talented team meticulously designed and manufactured each element of Action Planet to deliver an unforgettable experience that combines fun, safety, and aesthetics. Explore our dynamic portfolio and discover the magic of Action Planet today!

Live Wire Entertainment

Welcome to Funlandia, your go-to supplier for designing and manufacturing indoor playgrounds. We are delighted to showcase our latest project, Live Wire Entertainment, located in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. Completed in 2022, Live Wire Entertainment is a family entertainment center that offers a wide range of attractions to keep everyone entertained. The park boasts a colorful and playful design that creates an experiential atmosphere for visitors. The attractions include a ball pool, trampoline park, interactive games, indoor playground, climbing wall, pretend play, junior warrior courses, and a climbing wall for kids. Live Wire Entertainment is the perfect destination for families looking for an exciting day out or to host birthday parties and events. As a leading supplier, we...
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