Ball Pool


“NATAKIDS” opened in September 2023, which combines modern design concepts and trendy amusement facilities to create an immersive indoor park that offers a great play experience. Designers from Funlandia have added innovative elements to create a unique park atmosphere as well as incorporated the soft Morandi color palette, using vibrant colors and a variety of products to bring to life a colorful candy-themed world.

Meland Yangzhou

MELAND Yangzhou is a children’s play utopia with strong details, high functionality and deep experience created by Funlandia and China’s famous amusement brand “MELAND”. Fresh and bright colors represent joy and tenderness. The combination of rich colors and amusement equipment gives children a pleasant visual experience, allowing children to freely shuttle among them and feel immersive happiness!

Meland Shanghai

As a typical case of Funlandia, Meland Shanghai, as a new generation national amusement park, brings a series of novel experiences with a spacious play area, dozens of creative play methods, and satisfies the parent-child experience needs of all age groups. It opens up an immersive fairy tale adventure for children, awakening their childlike hearts and innate sense of adventure.

Meland Jiaxing

Meland Jiaxing owns a large amusement space, a whimsical fairy tale aesthetic space, a variety of fantastic amusement experiences, as well as warm and comfortable parent-child interactions, creating a fairy tale world for children to personally experience life in stories. During the play process, it not only can help children broaden their horizons, but also stimulate the fun of sports and the desire for free exploration.

Cheer Castle Hangzhou

Cheer Castle is located in Hangzhou, a large parent-child amusement park jointly created by Funlandia. It offers brand new, safe play facilities, equipped with various slides, ball pools, trampolines, role-playing activities and more, catering to children’s fantasies of indoor playgrounds. The rich colors and variety of play options provide children with ample space for imagination and immersive experiences.

Indoor Playground USA

This large indoor playground located in the United States is also an innovative design by Funlandia. The designers took monsters as the theme, drawing inspiration from the activities and characteristics of little monsters, providing children with a more creative and entertaining experience. The combination of unified colors and amusement equipment, by introducing creative elements and activities similar to little monsters, allows every guest to immerse themselves in a monster world full of surprises and entertainment.


ZINGERIA, nestled in one of India’s busiest malls, is the epitome of fun and adventure for visitors of all ages. In collaboration with Funlandia, we’ve crafted an unforgettable amusement park experience designed to ignite the imagination and energize every guest. From the exhilarating Trampoline Park to the safe and thrilling Slide area, and the enchanting Ball Pool filled with foam fun, there’s excitement around every corner. Teens and adults can also enjoy a variety of Electric Soft Play options for added amusement. But ZINGERIA goes beyond just entertainment – it’s a haven for safety and education too. With Funlandia’s commitment to creating enriching experiences, we ensure every visit promotes growth and strengthens family bonds. Curious to explore more case studies? Click here to see more Funlandia Creations!


Cartoony stands as one of China’s premier children’s theme park chains, boasting the expansive SAFARI park, designed specifically for older kids. This park immerses visitors in a realistic African savanna-style world, blending fun and entertainment seamlessly with education – what we call “edutainment.” Within the SAFARI park, you’ll find an array of attractions designed to ignite children’s imaginations. From the thrilling Spiral Stainless-Steel Slide, Donut Slide, and Rainbow Net to the Trampoline Park and engaging Ball Pool, there’s no shortage of excitement. Additionally, this park features a variety of Climbing Walls, Electric Soft Play, and special Net Courses, allowing kids to roam freely and safely without the need for harnesses. Our Design Team also infused the park’s design with authentic...

TAYO Park Singapore

Funlandia is proud to have designed and manufactured an exceptional indoor playground for TAYO Park Singapore. Completed in 2023, this family entertainment center located in Indonesia features a variety of exciting attractions suitable for all ages. The park includes a toddler soft play area, ball pool, trampoline park, volcano slide, interactive games, and an indoor playground for kids. The design style is bright and colorful, with playful elements that add to the fun and excitement of the park. Our team also incorporated minimalism into the design, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that enhances the overall experience. Funlandia’s commitment to quality and creativity ensures that customers like TAYO are satisfied with their investment. Discover endless fun with Funlandia, your premier indoor...

MIKO Dream Island

In 2023, Funlandia proudly presents the awe-inspiring grand opening of the “MIKO Dream Island,” a dopamine-infused playground spanning over 2000 meters, designed for all age groups. MIKO Dream Island stands as a pioneering innovation in the Northeast region, with a focus on sports as its core and extreme activities as its highlight. Our mission is to create a revolutionary sports and health entertainment complex, seamlessly integrating “fashionable shopping, sports, leisure entertainment, and an outdoor theme park.” As Funlandia, a leading indoor amusement equipment manufacturer, we are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking venture. Embark on an unforgettable journey at MIKO Dream Island, where innovation meets excitement, and adventure knows no bounds. Step into a new era of sports, health,...

NEOBIO Yu Garden

Our new project-NEOBIO Yu Garden, the ultimate family entertainment center located on Shanghai, China. Completed in 2023, this indoor playground boasts an array of attractions including Indoor Playground, a Stainless Steel Slide, Interactive Games, Toddler soft play for kids. Our team of experienced designers have created an immersive and colorful design that will transport you to a world of fun and adventure. Whether you’re navigating the indoor playground, or exploring the soft play area, there’s something for everyone at NEOBIO Yu Garden.


Welcome to NEOBIO WUXI, located in China. Our indoor playground park is designed and manufactured by our team of experts, who specialize in creating fun-filled family entertainment centers and adventure parks.Our latest project, completed in 2023, offers a variety of attractions that cater to youth population. Step into a world of excitement as you navigate through our Rope Courses or climb to new heights on our Climbing Wall. For younger guests, we have a dedicated  Indoor Playground area and a Ball Pool to keep them entertained for hours. Our indoor playground for kids is a colorful and playful space designed to spark their imagination. Discover endless fun with our world-class indoor playground and trampoline park solutions! As a leading indoor...
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