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The slide rail is designed and produced according to the national steel structure specification (GB 50017-2003). It is made from high-quality Structural steel which exceeds the national bearing level standard.

Design standards

During the design phase, we use professional software to perform computer simulations in the CAD environment to simulate runtime physical parameters such as gravity, frictional pressure, and more. This ensures safe operation of the equipment under extreme conditions of use.


The pulley used in the Rail Fly is designed according to the national large-scale amusement facilities specification (GB 2808-2018). It is tested many times under extreme conditions to ensure safety for the machinery and structure, which is fundamentally important.

Production and installation

The steel structure production line of our factory is set up according to the design and calculations that comply with the national standards. It is precisely installed using computer-aided design data to ensure safety.

Bridging technology

In the area where parts are joined, we not only use solid steel for fixing but also apply heat treatment to ensure the joints are as strong and as smooth as other positions.

Safety Training

We use imported harness and professional load-bearing system in our projects. Before the opening, we will provide professional operation and safety guidance, as well as rescue training to ensure a smooth and safe running of the equipment.