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Market Opportunities

Indoor playground is a booming business that harness the demands of the tremendous children’s services market, as economy develops and middle class population grows, the global need for children playing product and service is destined to grow fast for decades, creating huge market opportunities for indoor playground business.

while there are no official statistics for the global market volume in the children play centre sector, studies in the UK shows that the number of indoor play areas in the country is over a thousand. Market watchers have estimated the presence of over 3,000 indoor playgrounds in China at the end of 2011. The number continues to grow as new businesses are being launched in every shopping malls across the country.

I’m so glad I made the decision to open an indoor playground in Jordan and got the products from Funlandia, the success of my playground is beyond my best expectation!

Ayman Barhoumeh

Always attract new and old customers

The advantage of working with Funlandia is that we constantly strive for product innovation. We always introduce new equipment so that you can keep your play centre constantly exciting for existing and new customers.


Go big if you want

There is a whole new market out there in the developing countries that have not been exposed to the concept of indoor playgrounds. The demand for safe, hygienic and fun play areas is huge. Early players who can bring in innovative equipments will fill the vacancy and enjoy first-mover advantage. The business model and marketing efforts you have developed for your existing indoor playgrounds can be easily duplicated for future outlets. It is not a far-fetched dream to develop your single-store indoor play area into a multi-million national franchise.

Too hot or cold outside? business is even better!

Air-conditioned indoor playgrounds are irreistable to both children and parents during hot or cold seasons, it is in particular a perfect indoor entertainment for kids in the Middle East, South America, or Africa where the countries are plagued by hot climates for most of the year.


Proven business model

Indoor playgrounds and kids play centers are proven business models in the Western countries. Consumers in the developing countries are following the trend, it will be very common and popular for kids to play in an indoor playground, and to host their birthday party in indoor play centers.

Increased family income

Rising affluence in developing countries means that families have more disposable income to spend on kid-friendly recreational activities. Parents are more willing to spend on family services and products geared towards children. Indoor play centres, especially those featuring innovative and exciting play elements such as Funlandia’s electric soft play and ball blaster series, are a novelty in these countries. Families who have not encountered such facilities will be enticed to visit.


Parents appreciate the benefits of playground

There is a heightened awareness among parents with regard to the benefits of physical play for children. Apart from getting healthier and fitter, kids also get to develop their self esteem, confidence and social skills when they play with other same age peers.

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