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Safety Standard

When choosing a manufacturer, it is essential to ensure that your indoor playground equipment that you will purchase are of high quality and complies with the safety standards set for indoor playgrounds. The safety of the playground users are of the top priority for any indoor playground owners. Indoor playgrounds that do not meet the required safety standards are not only hazardous to the kids,  they are also in the danger of not being able to open for business if they do not pass the safety inspection test in their countries.

Funlandia is China’s most professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer, we are very committed to designing and manufacturing indoor playgrounds that comply with the International Safety Standards.

Funlandia playgrounds are tested by the world’s largest test laboratory, and certified to the most strict international standards (ASTM of the U.S.A., CE of Europe), from the very basic materials to the entire play structure.

Funlandia is the only manufacturer in China that is certified to ASTM F1918, which is the national standard of the US that governs all indoor playgrounds, and is also world’s first safety standard specifically developed for indoor playground.

Funlandia indoor playgrounds are also designed and manufactured in compliance with other world’s most comprehensive safety standards that are specifically developed for ‘Soft Contained Play Equipment’. By complying with these standards, we can minimize the injury hazards in the indoor playground and to make sure that it will pass safety inspections in any country, mandatory or voluntary.

It takes many years of experience in this industry to be able to understand these safety standards along with great investment in both resources and efforts in order to truly implement and incorporate them correctly in the design and manufacturing process. Below are the standards that we follow:

ASTM F1918-12 of USA

The ASTM F1918-12 is the first safety standard that was made specifically for indoor playgrounds and is used as one of the most authorized indoor playground safety standards in the world. Funlandia is proudly the only manufacturer in China that is certified to the ASTM F1918 standard.

The materials used in our indoor playgrounds have been tested and certified to the anti-toxic and fire retardant standards set by the ASTM 1918-12 document.

We have been designing, manufacturing, and installing indoor playgrounds and equipment that comply with ASTM standard for years. All the playgrounds we installed in North America have passed the safety inspection, health inspection, and fire inspection by the customer’s city counsels, and running safely and successfully.

EN 1176 of Europe

The EN 1176 is a safety standard made in Europe for both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. It might not be as specialized as the ASTM1918-12 for indoor playgrounds, but it is also used and referred as one of the main international standards for indoor playground.

The materials used in our indoor playgrounds have been tested and certified to the EN1176 standard. All playgrounds we built in Europe have past the inspections by their local safety authorities, including the safety inspection in Holland and Norway, which are known as the most strict playground inspections among all European countries.

AS 3533.4.2-2013 of Australia

The AS3533.4.2-2013 is another playground safety standard that is made specifically for indoor playgrounds. We also make sure that our indoor playgrounds are in compliance with the Australia safety standards especially for the customers who are in Australia.

As, testing for the Australian standards cannot be done outside of Australia, we are unable to get our products tested for this standard.

However, we do make sure to follow the AS 3533.4.2-2013 document which we have procured when designing, manufacturing and installing the playground.

CSA Z614-07(R2012) of Canada

The CSA Z614-07(R2012) is a safety standard made by Canada for indoor and outdoor playgrounds. They will be the standard that are used by the customers in Canada thus we do make sure that Funlandia’s indoor playgrounds are also in compliance with this standard.

The safety standards above are the international safety standards that we have researched and followed strictly in our designing, manufacturing and installation process. We already have the test reports and certifications we have done for our products which have proved that we are China’s most professional indoor playground manufacturer.

Should you request it, we can provide the test results of the testing we have done. There are some factors that you should consider when reading this test reports from the different manufacturers.

i) Test Laboratories used for the Testing and Certification

All of the testing of Funlandia’s materials and indoor playground products are done by SGS S.A. which is the world’s biggest and most reputed testing laboratory. Many other Chinese companies would get the testing done by small Chinese test laboratories which have much lower standards, or even would issue certificate without doing any real tests.

ii) Testing Standards

The testing standards that we use for our products are the standards that are used for indoor playgrounds. Some other companies would also provide their customer with the test reports, but their tests were done on an outdoor playground, which uses completely different materials and follow very different test standards.

iii) Authenticity of the Reports and Test Reports Contents

Funlandia’s test reports will show all the tests that have been done. You will also find in the document the contact information of SGS who you can contact directly to check the authenticity of the report by providing them with the testing number listed in the report.

Some of the test reports provided by other Chinese manufacturers would only show that some items have past the tests, and some items have not.

There are also some manufacturers who provide self-made reports and pass off the reports as real, the customers have no way of authenticating the validity of such fake tests.

Aside of the test reports, the biggest evidence that can verify the safety of Funlandia’s indoor playgrounds are the indoor playgrounds that we have installed all over the world. We have had customers from many different countries including North America and Europe which have some of the strictest international safety standards and in these continents, there are countries whose indoor playgrounds will not be allowed to open unless their indoor playgrounds have been safety inspected and have passed the safety requirements set. If you would like to know more information about the indoor playgrounds that we have manufactured, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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