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We know that as the business owner, you must make sure you get the best equipment for your indoor playgrounds, at the best possible price, and be able to rely on the supplier for continued service. Funlandia is proud for being such a manufacturer that can meet all of these requirements of yours, we different ourselves from our competitors by offering these unparallel benefits to our customers:


Reliable quality

The sustained success of your kids play center depends on reliable playground equipments, no long-term return can be expected if the play equipments suffer frequent system down . Funlandia has been the most trusted Chinese manufacturer of indoor and outdoor playground equipments since 2002, our quality is guaranteed by using high quality materials, employment of advanced machineries, and strict QA process. Find more information about our quality and warranty policy at our website.

The best support

We provide the best support in our products, even beyond the product itself, this level and extent of service is not seen in any other manufacturer of indoor playground equipments. Our pre and after sales support walk you through every stage of owning your indoor playground, from generating ideas and themes, to keeping the playground business well maintained and healthy. More details >>


The best price

Our factory is conveniently located at the most advanced industrial area of China, which provides the foundation for our highly efficient and low cost manufacturing power; we always employ new technology and improve our manufacturing process to reduce our cost, and then pass these cost savings to our customers, this is why we can offer you high quality products that match highest international standard at incredible price.

Thinking for the owner

When we design indoor playgrounds, we put ourselves in the shoes of the playground owner, our experienced designer team works closely with you to make sure your playground makes the best use of your space, has the right mix of play events and activities, has the best playability, the best visibility, and maximized safety; as a result, your playground will be most attractive to the users, and generate sustainable high profit.


The largest option of innovative products

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To stand out from competition your equipment must be more attractive, and new play events must be added from time to time to keep your playground fresh and exciting. Funlandia is the playground equipment manufacturer of China that has the largest product lines, and we invent and introduce new products to the market at fast pace. This means that you get to select the most attractive equipments for your playground from the largest selection of products; and when new products are introduced, you can order and receive it even before the competitors have ever heard of it! Browse products >>

Solutions that meet any budget

No matter what your business goal is: from a small indoor play area for the children of your neighborhood, to a thousands square meters full-scale family entertainment center, we have always a solution for you. Our large variety of products enables us to meet any of your ambition and budget, there is no indoor playground project that is too big or too small for us.


Turn-key playground solution

Indoor playground include more than just play equipment,  many accessories can help you provide better customer experience, and generate more revenue for your business, we provide the turn-key indoor playground solution for your business, including furniture, art and crafts products, coin-op rides, gifts, and party supplies, provided by the largest suppliers of China, these accessories are of good quality and amazing price, it will be a big saving of both money and time for you, so you can focus on managing the playground business.

Funlandia has also created a resource center to help the future indoor playground owners in every step, so they can be well prepared to enter the business.

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