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Ninja  Challenge is a new indoor competitive playground facility developed by Funlandia. Players need to clear many stages like Ninja before reaching the endpoint. A variety of challenging routes serve as all-around test for one’s strategic thinking, physical fitness, body coordination and speed. Depending on the fields and as required, a set of equipment can choose and match freely from more than 30 stages. Ninja  Challenge is a good choice for signature play item in sport-style indoor playground.


The Ninja  Challenge modular aluminum structure is a system consisting of square aluminum trusses that are put together to create custom courses. The structure can be expanded in any direction, making the attraction easy to upgrade.


Starting and Finishing Platforms: Ninja  Challenge have a starting and finishing platform at the beginning and end of each corridor.

Internal Platforms: There are internal platforms between some obstacles, which are used to transition from one section of the Ninja  Challenge to another.


Funlandia has over 45 different Ninja  Challenge obstacles to choose from, each varying in difficulty. The full list can be found here.

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