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Interactive Play

Funlandia is one of the earliest manufacturers of interactive soft play equipment in China. As opposed to the static traditional soft play, interactive soft play equipment are installed with electronic components such as motor, LED lights, speakers and sensors, thus offer greater interactivity and a more engaging play experience. The inflatable parts and thick surface padding ensures the children’s safety as they hop all over the place. Interactive soft play is also called electric soft play.

Thanks to its unique interactivity and cute appearance, Funlandia interactive play equipment is one of the most loved product lines by children, especially those aged under 6. Kids of this age group form the most important demographic pool of customer. Interactive play equipment usually attracts the most kids in indoor playgrounds and tend to generate the most repeat visits.

The design and construction of new indoor playgrounds can center around interactive soft play equipment. Existing playgrounds with only traditional soft play can also be revived with innovative interactive play equipment to attract more customers.