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Better Than Franchise

“Why not add a full scale ball blaster arena and an interactive play area to your playground when you don’t need to increase budget at all?”

For many who are considering to establish their own indoor playground business, they are usually limited to 2 options: setting up a franchise, or owning an independent business..

However, working with Funlandia gives you the best of both: you get to enjoy all the benefits of being an independent business and buying directly from the manufacturer, while receiving the same level of support provided to franchises.

Besides of superiror support, Funlandia brings you unparalleled benefits that surpass that of franchises.

The benefits of working with Funlandia:

Needless to say, equipment purchases accounts for the largest startup expenditures. By buying directly with the manufacturer, you will save significantly on your equipment cost. Why not add a full scale ball blaster arena and an interactive play area to your playground when you don’t need to increase budget at all? contact us to find out what you can actually get with your budget!

When a indoor playground franchisor “custom design” a playground for you, there is very little change they will make, because if there is any major change to their existing design, they will have to come to the manufacture like us. At Funlandia, we truly custom design every playground to adapt to your unique location, market, and budget, this level of custom design is critical to the success of indoor playground business.

Unlike franchises who outsourse design and production, Funlandia designs and manufactures indoor playground equipment all by ourselves, new play equipments are rolled out every few months. By the time you have upgraded your playground with the newest play equipment, your franchise competitors may have not even heard of the products.

Franchisers charge a high franchise fee that varies anywhere from USD 20,000 to USD 100,000. Furthermore, they ask for a recurring royalty which is set at 5% to 10% of the overall revenue. By working with Funlandia, you only have to pay for the equipment. In addition, we offer service parts for free during the warranty period and sell them at the cost price after the warranty expires. This is unlike franchise companies who depend on the sales of service components to earn a high profit.

You don’t have to be bonded by any of franchiser’s limitations: the brand you work so hard to build is solely and fully owned by you; you can expand your business into any territories without restrictions. By being an independent business and working with Funlandia, the sky is the limit.