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About Funlandia

Funlandia was created by a team of veteran engineers and designers with a combined experience of four decades in China’s playground equipment industry. The company specializes in the renovating, designing, manufacturing and installing of indoor playground equipment. Over the past decade, Funlandia has supplied high quality play equipment to thousands of indoor playgrounds, shopping centers, schools and daycare centers, and Family Entertainment Centers around the world.

Our international design team, through creative design, put all kinds of sports amusement equipment with customer’s ground. Attach all the equipment of various themes to provided you with “integrated” experience.

Our planning and design team aims to increase revenue and enhance our customer experience. We have tailored-made numerous indoor family play and themed projects for spaces ranging from 100m2 to 10000m2. Our comprehensive R&D and manufacturing capabilities ensure targeted and successful implementation of our projects.

We comply with  the most strict safety standards in the industry: the ASTM standard of the US, and the ENstandard of Europe. These standards serve as guidelines for our design and manufacturing protocols. We use premium materials and employ the latest technology to ensure the superior quality of our play equipment. Our product lines, which are the most extensive in the industry, get constantly refreshed so that customers can get their hands on the most innovative products of the moment.

At present, Funlandia has partners across six continents and over 260 employees in its global product and service team. More than 1000 international and local indoor amusement integration projects have been successfully accomplished, entertaining 20 million happy families worldwide.




Funlandia differentiate itself from the other manufacturers in many aspects, most distinctly for:

High Quality

Using only the finest materials and following strictly international safety standards, Funlandia ships only safe, durable, and well-designed indoor playground to our customers, we invite you to see what exactly we do to ensure the high quality of your indoor playgrounds.

Turn-key Indoor Playground Solution

Aside of the large selection of play equipments we manufacture, we also offer all other products that are needed for indoor playground, that include: kiddie rides, party supplies, children’s art and craft products, playground accessories, and a lot more.

Business Support At All Stage

We are not merely a manufacturer of your indoor playground, we are a business partner of yours. We support you in building and operating your indoor playground business, from market research, custom design, manufacturing, to continued services after installation, we do a lot more than other manufacturers.




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